Jokkmokk´s Market 
3 - 5/2 2022

Jokkmokk's market is a folk festival, a meeting place for people from all over the world. The special atmosphere in a traditional market is experienced both in the market area and in the vast variation of events, such as exhibitions, concerts, lectures and cultural events, that take place during the market.

All in all, the core of Jokkmokk's market is the people who arrange and visit the market, locals as well as national and international visitors!

We have just started the work to arrange the market 2022 and hope to see you in Jokkmokk in February!

Market tip

Experience the traditional reindeer caravan led by Per Kuhmunen and his family. The caravan makes a stop at the snow stage in the center of the market area at roughly 12:20-12:30 depending on the weather and crowds.

The printed program for the 2019 winter market in Jokkmokk

The 2020 program

The online version of the event schedule for the upcoming winter market can be found here.

You can also view and download the printed program as a .PDF: Jokkmokk's market 2020 (English program) (PDF, 2,1 Mb)

jokkmokks marknad 2020 eng front

Find it directly
Find it directly

Interactiv map of the area

Pictures from the market
Pictures from the market

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2022 Winter market schedule
2022 Winter market schedule

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