Handicrafts by Risfjells


  • Thursday 2/2
  • Friday 3/2
  • Saturday 4/2
10:00 - 18:00 Meet the southern handicraft couple Doris and Sven-Åke Risfjell who sell their crafts and designed textiles. Doris and Sven-Åke Risfjell want to spread knowledge about Sami culture in many different ways. The company Risfjells Samislöjd consists of a shop where you can buy authentic Sami handicrafts, a gallery and museum with its own Sami collections and guided tours. Risfjells is located at Volgsjövägen 46 in central Vilhelmina, which is located in Västerbotten County in Southern Lapland.
  • Ája - Röda gången
  • Lärargatan Jokkmokk