Travel to Jokkmokk

A number of enterprises organize trips to Jokkmokk's Winter Market. It is possibly to fly to our nearest airports: Gällivare, Arvidsjaur or Luleå and continue by bus to Jokkmokk. These flights can be booked via SN-Resor in Jokkmokk (tel. +46-971 582 22).
Travel by train to the nearest station in Murjek can also be booked via SN-Resor. There are connecting buses for the trains.

Travel by bus from different cities in Norrbotten or Västerbotten is also possible during the Winter Market. For the regular bus-tours call Länstrafiken at +46- 771- 100 110. On arriving in Jokkmokk buses take an alternate route due to the market, which closes some of the central streets. Länstrafiken's buses only pick up passengers at the bus station during the market and not at any other stops in town (Wednesday - Sunday). 

Time-tables in Sweden:

The Tourist Office in Jokkmokk can also inform you about how to travel to Jokkmokk. Phone +46 971 222 50 E-mail:

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