Three hour Northern Lights tour on a dogsled

Winter Activities

  • Wednesday 1/2
  • Thursday 2/2
  • Friday 3/2
19:00 - 22:00 Join us on a dogsled and Northern Lights tour after dark! With a dogsled we head straight into the snowy forests and hopefully catch sight of a beautiful aurora borealis blazing across the sky. You sit as passengers on the dog sled with an experienced guide steering the dog team. We will talk about the landscape we travel through and the wild animals that lives here. We who guide you have powerful headlights, so you will have good sight even if it’s dark. During the tour we stop and make a fire where we barbeque pork, sausage and boil coffee. At the break you also get the chance to greet and socialize with our friendly huskies. Booking online
  • Jokkmokkguiderna
  • Skabram 201 Jokkmokk