Book launch: Árbbehárpo - The Threads of Heritage by Katarina Pirak Sikku


  • Saturday 4/2
12:00 - 13:00 Artist and writer Katarina Pirak Sikku launches her first book where she is the sole author, during the 2023 market. The comprehensive work: Árbbehárpo - The threads of inheritance takes its point of departure from the Swedish race biologists' traces, abuses and other shady activities in Sápmi. It is also a chronicle of the Pirak Klementsson family where the author seeks explanations for reactions and relationships. It is also a story about her own artistry, about the choices she has made in order to develop and live as a professional artist. Tickets 50 sek kan can be bought at Församlingshemmet.
  • Parish hall/Församlingshemmet - Outside main entrance
  • Borgargatan 9 Jokkmokk